Options Available for Treating Your Bulimia

Eating disorders are often very difficult to overcome, especially if you've had the condition for a long time. When you struggle with bulimia, it affects your health in negative ways. You might become malnourished or dehydrated, develop an electrolyte imbalance, suffer with acid reflux, or even develop tooth decay. Your well-being depends on overcoming your disorder, and getting professional help may be necessary. If you want to learn more about treatment options for bulimia, check it out below.

Inpatient Treatment Centers

You may get the best results from a residential treatment program. These usually last at least a month, but they can be extended for as long as you need support and treatment. An advantage of going to an inpatient center is that you are removed from your old patterns and triggers. That alone can help you learn new behaviors. Plus, when your bulimia has gone on for years, it may be too difficult to overcome when you stay at home and try outpatient treatments.

An inpatient facility provides you with an entirely different environment where you're removed from the people and situations that trigger your anxiety or other problems that make your bulimia worse. In addition, you can get comprehensive medical care in an inpatient center. Bulimia often goes along with other medical problems such as bipolar disorder or trauma. Treatment for your bulimia could also entail undergoing medical treatments for a physical, emotional, or mental disorder you have.

Outpatient Treatment for Bulimia

It isn't always possible or necessary to undergo inpatient treatment; each case is individual. You might have life circumstances that don't allow you to be away from home or leave your job. In that case, outpatient treatment is an option. You might attend sessions daily so you get full support and frequent therapy. Different types of therapy are used to treat bulimia including individual and group therapy. You'll learn healthy ways to deal with stress and trauma so you don't have to turn to food. You may even learn about nutrition and self care that improves your health and helps you recover from the damage bulimia has caused your body.

Halfway House Living

Halfway house living is a mix of inpatient and outpatient treatment. You'll live in a controlled setting but still have the free time to work, go to school, or be a presence at home. A halfway house can provide the structure and support you need to control your eating disorder while you develop new coping habits and undergo therapy sessions.

A therapist can help you choose the right form of treatment for your bulimia taking into account the severity of your condition, your state of health, and your responsibilities to your job and family. Even if you're not sure where to start, it's important to begin right away. You can change the form of treatment later if necessary, but for your good health, conquering your eating disorder should be a top priority.

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Eating disorders are often very difficult to overcome, especially if you've had the condition for a long time. When you struggle with bulimia, it affe